Uh oh - you've just opened your package and it appears only one of your designs made it to you. Don't panic! Our caps are shipped in cardboard jigs that hold 50 each. Any and all orders over 50 caps will have multiple jigs nested behind one another and then shrink wrapped. Please tear open the shrink wrap and double check that everything is there before sending an inquiry. They are stacked pretty tight together! If for some reason you do not want to open the plastic wrapping, you can take a quick glance at the edges of the jigs. You should see one squiggly-lined middle layer per every 50 caps.

If you have double checked your caps and still have some missing, please accept our deepest apologies and send an inquiry to support@grogtag.com with your order number. We will be able to send the missing caps within 1-2 business days.